1 – 12, $20/ea

    13 – 50, $10/ea

    51 – 100, $5/ea.

    +100, call for pricing

  • O ne of the most gratifying, yet functional objects for us to make is tiles.  With the tremendous variety of assorted gadgets and toys that we’ve collected over the years, producing these tiles is a delight.  We currently have a large supply of unglazed tiles on hand, so you can quickly have some of these uniquely original tiles in (almost) any color of your choice.  They are a standard 4" x 4", and custom colors are available.  Elizabeth's tiles make a lovely accent for your kitchen, bath, or any room in your home or office.  Each tile is totally unique and says "handcrafted" in a way that you might expect at Bele Chere, or Weaverville's Art Safari.

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